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The Fishing Report Form

Please use your best writing/punctuation/spelling skills. The more time you put into writing it, the easier it will be for readers to understand what you've written.
Please do not post: reports that have nothing to do with an actual fishing report, joke reports or reports that are more like reader's comments about something. These need to go on to the Forum, because otherwise they will get deleted. So, if you are wondering why your report got deleted, that's why. It's in the wrong place. The Fishing Report form is ONLY for actual spot fishing reports.

Spot Details: Please update and/or include any information that may be missing from the "Spot Details", so that page can be updated with this information. This information would include additional or new Fish Species that can be caught at the spot and isn't/aren't listed.

Attractors: Give as much detail of the attractors you used and what worked and what didn't work.
- If you were Fly Fishing; what type, color and size of flies where you using and which ones worked best?
- If you were using hook and bait; what type of baits were you using and what worked best?
- If you were using lures; what brand, size and color lure worked and what didn't work? Did you use bait in conjunction with the lure?

Photos: Image urls posted with BB Code will automaticaly be resized to fit the report window. Images added using any of the 6 provided upload tools must be either; jpg, jpeg, gif, png or bmp file types, these images are posted as clickable thumbnails in the top right corner of the report window and included in the fish photos gallery. Max file size is 64M.

HTML and BB Codes: Please do not use HTML in your posts; however, you may use the following BB Codes;
[b] text here [/b] = "bold" eg. makes the text BOLD
[i] text here [/i] = "italic" eg. makes the text ITALIC
[u] text here [/u] = "underline" eg. makes the text underlined
[img] URL here [/img] = "image" eg. inserts an image
[url=URL here] inserts a link [/url] = "link" eg. inserts a link
[left] text or URL here [/left] = moves text or photos to the left
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[right] text or URL here [/right] = moves text or images to the right
(NOTE: BB Codes can be combined, for example " [b][i] text [/i][b] " would produce:" text ")

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