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Sunset Lake




Details for Sunset Lake

Species in Sunset Lake:

Rainbow Trout

Other Names Sunset lake recreation site
Proxy City Topley
Size (ha) 125
Perimeter (km) -
Max Depth (m) 26
Road Access Paved
Hike (km) 0
Activities Camping, Swimming, Picnicking, Hiking
Stocked Fish None
F/W Region R-6
Water Type Small Lake
Altitude (m) 866
Mean Depth (m) 10
Water Access Boat, Shore
Boat Launch Yes
Facilities Developed
Angler Usage Low
Special Notes: Sunset provides a Rainbow fishery with trout reaching into the 1 lb. class. Trolling with small gang trolls and worms will bring you success along with spinning gear and artificial flies. Ice over November to mid April.
Map of Sunset Lake


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Notes: 1. Always check the current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new spot.