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Pitt-Addington Marsh




Details for Pitt-Addington Marsh

Species in Pitt-Addington Marsh:

Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass

Other Names
Proxy City Vancouver
Size (ha)
Perimeter (km)
Max Depth (m)
Road Access Gravel
Hike (km) 0.25
Activities Hiking
Stocked Fish
GPS N49 19 47, W122 38 13
F/W Region R-2
Water Type Slough
Altitude (m)
Mean Depth (m)
Water Access Shore
Boat Launch None
Facilities Natural
Angler Usage Rare
Special Notes: Head up towards Pitt Lake and on the last right turn before the boat launch there are some sloughs around with lots of bass in them. You will see a white gate walk past it and explore. Technically; a Marsh isn't classified as a lake, river or slough.
Map of Pitt-Addington Marsh


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Notes: 1. Always check the current BC Fishing regulations before you start fishing a new spot.