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Surf Fishing Tips




Surf Fishing Tips

surf fishing tips

Welcome to our section on surf fishing tips. In this section you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about surf fishing and get tips on how to do it like a professional. We don’t just share tips on surf fishing, we educate you on the entire process and give you an idea of preferred techniques. You’ll start off by learning exactly what surf fishing is along with some of the best surf fishing tips gathered from across the internet and even from fishermen just like yourself. You’ll also be provided with a list of recommended fishing tackle and some additional sources of information. We hope the information provided in this section helps you become a prosperous surf fisherman.


Surf Fishing Basics

surf castingSurf fishing is a method of catching fishing by wading in the surf or standing on the shoreline. This method of fishing can be confused with pier fishing however they are considered to be two different methods. Both live bait and artificial lures are used by surf fishermen and the majority of surf fishing is done in saltwater. Surf fishermen need to be very careful of waves and undertows: these can be extremely dangerous, causing injury and even death. If you’re going to be using waders when surf fishing then make sure to always wear a wader belt to prevent water from filling up your waders in case you slip underwater.

surf anglersSurfcasting is the technique that proves to be the difference between surf fishing and simply just pier or shore fishing. The fishing rods used in surf fishing are extremely long, reaching between 12′ to 16′. When casting, the fishermen will use both hands and for farther distant casting they use their entire bodies. This is required because a great distant needs to be covered to reach inshore fish that are feeding. The current world record for the longest surfcasting is held by Danny Moeskops who casted an astonishing 313 yards. Surf fishermen must be careful when casting, with razor sharp hooks and the powerful casting required, they need to make sure that there is no one around them when casting.

Surf Fishing Tips, Tricks and Tactics


Surf Fishing Tackle and Equipment

The right kind of fishing tackle can make or break your surf fishing experience. Below is just some basic recommended equipment to use when surf fishing. This is not a complete list and standard fishing tackle is left out to keep your eye on the important surf related gear.

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» Fishing rod between 7′and 18′ (w/extended butt section, length of the rod depends on distance of casting required)
» Saltwater spinning reel (make sure it’s saltwater rated to prevent corrosion issues)
» 20 to 25 lbs of fishing line
» Sand spike rod holder
» Pyramid weights and spider weights
» Bait; live or artificial depending on the area you’re fishing in
» Fishing cart with front wheels


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